4 Key Benefits of Adding Crypto as a Payment Option on Your Website

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4 min readFeb 7, 2020


Developments in mobile-centric payment solutions have led to a massive increase in the number of online businesses over the past decade. This has opened up new opportunities for businesses to attract new consumers as well as created new sets of challenges businesses in order to stay ahead of the market trends and more importantly the competition.

By now, surely you have heard of “Cryptocurrency”. Cryptocurrency has come a long way; ever since Bitcoin was created in 2009. With the emergence of blockchain technology that has led to developments and innovation across a wide range of industry sectors, cryptocurrency is the most talked-about medium of payment in today’s economy. Why? Below are some of the key benefits online businesses can gain from accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment through EverusPay; a Crypto payment gateway.


Starting an online business might seem terrifying. Having to worry about profit, costs and most importantly, your customer base; your source of income. Well, whether you have just started your online business or just looking to expand your customer base, using EverusPay is a great option for you. As of now, Everus has over 100,000 wallet users across 90 countries. This means that becoming an Everuspay merchant will make your business visible to all of the Everus users inside the Everusworld ecosystem.

Since the world nowadays is always up and about on the latest trends, integrating cryptocurrency payments into your online store checkout will allow you to stand out from your competitors. Simultaneously, allowing you to attract customers who are keen to utilize and enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This will help to boost your sales.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics, statistically, only 80% of small businesses make it through the first year of starting a business, 50% percent made it through the fifth year and only 30% left standing on the tenth year. How could this be? Diving deeper into this, apart from costing issues, 29% of business owners reported that bad cash flow management slowly drove their business to the cliff; claimed CB Insights. To prevent your business from contributing to this percentage, here is what you should know. With EverusPay, you are able to save time from the faster transaction that is assured. Thus, faster transactions equal cash flow improvement which equals a happy face.

As the common form of payment for online stores, Credit and Debit card transactions provide a fast and simple solution for merchants to accept payments. However, the biggest downside to this form of payment is the settlement period which can be over 1 week for merchants to access the funds in their bank account. With EverusPay, merchants benefit from being able to receive funds into their Everus wallet within just a few minutes. For those merchants who would like to receive funds in Fiat currencies such as USD or Euro, funds can be settled into their local bank account within 24 hours.


Most online businesses today do not consider the costs of accepting credit card payments as an issue. The reason for this is that there have not been alternatives in the market. With cryptocurrency being more commonly used for everyday transactions, both online and offline merchants are now able to utilize this to reduce the costs of receiving transactions for their business.


If you have heard of cryptocurrency, then you must have heard of blockchain technology. Think of blockchain as a bicycle chain. It contains information and is connected to one and another. If anyone attempted to change a part of the chain, the whole chain is notified and alarmed. That’s what makes it so secure.

Due to the multi-layers of security provided from the Everus wallet, you no longer have to worry about the risk of identity theft or any other alarming security issues while confirming a transaction. Everus wallet has plenty of features that were built specifically to provide users with a safe secure wallet to store their cryptocurrencies.

Everus uses Google Authenticator which is a two-step verification service to assure that you are really you. Aside from facial recognition and fingerprint authenticator.

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