An Overview Of Everus Technologies

Looking at how much the world is advancing in the digital direction, almost everything is now done digitally, as this system seems to be more efficient and reliable than the traditional methods of doing things.

The advent of improved technologies and algorithms has led to the development of innovative digital applications and tools which simplifies digital operations and makes the transition into the digital system easier for the global masses.

The introduction of digital assets popularly known as cryptocurrency has also fueled the ongoing digital revolution, as it does not only improve the global financial system, but also ensure ease of payment.

To further advance this digital revolution and ensure that the global masses are well positioned to reap its benefits, Everus Technologies came into play.

A Brief Intro Of Everus Technologies

A team of geniuses led by Srinivas Oddati, who understands the need to key into the cryptocurrency industry and the digital system at large joined forces to create a world leading crypto system called Everus Technologies.

Everus Technologies is a reliable system which has been created to help anchor the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and the digital system in entirety, by providing the tools needed by individuals to enjoy the full perks of this new found financial tool.

Despite having started its operations in Malaysia, after the closure of its Malaysia offices, Everus Technologies are now based fully in Estonia and India, with its offices located in the different parts of these countries, carrying out different operations to the global users.

Right from its creation, Everus Technologies has developed different tools and products that will feature greatly in the digital system and ensure a paradigm shift in the global system, to the digital space.

Products Of Everus Technologies

EVR Token is one intriguing tool of the Everus Technologies, a financial tool required to seamlessly transact on the system. EVR token which serves as the native token of the Everus system and its products has just migrated to the Tron Network to make for more efficiency, facilitating fast and easy transactions, at a reduced cost.

  • A Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange called Brexily, has been developed by Everus Technologies, in its quest to meet the rising demands of crypto exchanges for the efficient trading of digital currencies. On this exchange, users are able to smoothly exchange their cryptocurrencies and even trade it for profits, giving them unrestricted access to wealth.

Everus Technologies will also make available smart financial tools which will be leveraged by different systems, organizations and individuals during their financial operations. This will ensure efficiency in the operations of these systems while carrying out accounting and other financial operations.

  • On its P2P marketplace, Everus users will be able to purchase goods and services with ease and then make payments with cryptocurrencies, without any setbacks. By providing this, the global adoption of cryptocurrencies will be achieved and the exchange of products will be simplified for the global users, as they could purchase and pay for things just with few clicks.

Everus Technologies also aims to create solutions which utilize the revolutionary blockchain technology and the improved smart contracts to solve problems in different areas of life.

By doing this, the quality of life will be improved for the masses. With these tools, Everus Technologies is able to improve the life quality of the global population, as it ensures their real life applications, making sure that they serve as solutions to real life problems.


Everus Technologies is a timely platform which has all it takes to move the world forward, helping the global masses ease into the digital system, and at the same time unlock its benefits to them. Irrespective of all the tools it already has, it is out to create more digital products, just to make sure that the users are given the best.



Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain for real-life solutions. |

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Everus World

Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain for real-life solutions. |