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Become EVR Token Holder On Brexily And Enjoy Unique Benefits

As cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining massive adoption, Brexily exchange was also created to further this adoption by serving as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange system where users are able to exchange their cryptocurrencies to other digital assets without encountering any difficulty.

On Brexily exchange, there are varieties of crypto assets to trade on or to exchange a token to, giving the users an opportunity to freely choose the preferred pairs in a more seamless way.

Brexily ensures that security of every operation on the exchange is maintained as it has set up different security measures like the KYC verification, two factor authentication and a lot more, just to see that the user’s valuables are kept safe and secured from hackers or unauthorized access.

Cryptocurrency trading on Brexily exchange is not only made seamless and profitable to the users, but is also made fully secured.

The EVR Token

EVR is the ticker for Everus token, the native cryptocurrency of Everus Technologies. EVR token serves as the recognized cryptocurrency of Brexily exchange and is used for different kinds of transactions on the exchange and its products.

As an ERC-20 token developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, EVR token plays an important role in the functioning of Brexily exchange and the Everus ecosystem as large, releasing more benefits to its holders.

Benefits For EVR Holders On Brexily Exchange

Being an EVR holder on the Brexily exchange opens up unforeseen benefits to the global users, while trading their digital currencies, making sure that they have access to more profits than the regular users.

The trading fees paid during transactions on an exchange is reduced a little bit for traders on the Brexily exchange paying with the EVR token.

This will help ensure that users gain more profit while trading on Brexily than other exchanges, as they do not have to pay too much as fees. That’s not all, another product of Brexily exchange called BrexCo also has benefits for the holders of the EVR token.

Benefits For EVR Holders On BrexCo

This reliable cryptocurrency payment system allows users to pay for services and products with ease using their cryptocurrencies.

For the users who make these payments with the EVR token on BrexCo, the system rewards them with an 8% discount on any payment that they make, reducing the amount they have to pay for a product or service.

So you see that there are just unlimited benefits for those who are making use of the EVR token.

Benefits For EVR Holders On Earn Crypto

Earn Crypto is a system launched by Brexily to unlock more wealth to the users giving them the oportunity to invest their digital assets into the system for some time, while making profits from this investment. So far, this has proven to be a great blessing to the crypto space.

Making investment on Earn Crypto with the EVR token increases the dividend for the participants irrespective of the lock-in period, as EVR holders get to earn higher than those investing regular cryptocurrencies.


Since the EVR token is a very vital part of Brexily exchange and its products, we have drafted out numerous benefits for those who transact with the token. Both on the Brexily exchange, BrexCo crypto payment gateway and Earn Crypto, and lots more.

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