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The introduction of cryptocurrency has led to the need for reliable systems which will make the use of cryptocurrencies easy for global masses.

Since cryptocurrency is the new tool for carrying out transactions, it needs to be made accessible to the global population, easy to use and even profitable to them, as it has become an integral part of the global system.

Due to the need for such a system, one of the leading systems in digital technologies called Everus Technologies has resolved to the provision of different cryptocurrency products which will help users take part seamlessly in the crypto space.

Products Of Everus Technologies

Below are the different products of Everus Technologies:

Brexily exchange was developed to meet the various need of users in the crypto space for a standpoint where they can readily exchange their digital currencies in a decentralized manner, with full guarantee of security.

This revolutionary exchange platform has in a lot of ways simplified the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies for everyone in the digital space through its use of prevalent technologies and the adoption of state-of-the-arts techniques during the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Brexily exchange has been built with the users in mind, and in its quest to ensure that the users are served efficiently, it has designed into it, intriguing features.

Unique Features Of Brexily Exchange

  • Transparency of the system
  • Numerous payment gateway
  • Varieties of crypto trading assets
  • Reduces trading fees
  • Reinforced security
  • Cool user-friendly interface and experience.

Brexily ensures that crypto traders on its system enjoy an unforgettable cryptocurrency trading experience.

After the development of Brexily exchange, another Brexily-based product has also been created called BrexCo.

  • BrexCo - An Opportunity To Make Payments Using Crypto

BrexCo was developed to tackle another problem which users face in the cryptocurrency industry which is the inability to make payment for products and services with their crypto assets.

BrexCo is a cryptocurrency marketplace which allows users to use cryptocurrencies in their daily activities for making payments for either products bought or services received.

Unique Features Of BrexCo

Payments for different utilities such as water or electricity bills using cryptocurrencies can be carried out on the BrexCo’s payment gateway.

BrexCo also allow users to carry out different kinds of subscription such as TV subscriptions, mobile top-up, E-wallets funding to make life easier for everyone.

Hotel, flight and transportation bookings are also now possible with the use of cryptocurrencies thanks to the creation of BrexCo crypto payment gateway.

Users of BrexCo can also pay fees for schools, medical bills and insurance seamlessly on BrexCo payment system, using various cryptocurrencies.

With BrexCo, car owners will be able to fuel their cars anytime with crypto and the passengers have the option of paying their transportation fare with cryptocurrencies directly from their Brexily wallet, as facilitated by BrexCo.

Those who wish to make purchases for products like Gold and different gift cards and make payments with their digital assets can now do so as it is also supported by BrexCo.

BrexCo crypto payment system by allowing different kinds of transactions using cryptocurrencies is definitely making the full adoption of cryptocurrency possible and calling for mass adoption.

Another Everus’s product is the…

  • Earn Crypto- The Best Way To Earn

Earn Crypto was launched as a system to help users earn from cryptocurrencies even without having adequate knowledge about the system, irrespective of the amount of funds invested.

It provides a means for the global masses to be able to earn up to 36% dividends per year without leaving their homes, simply by investing their available crypto funds into the system.

Earn Crypto is made up of multiple subscription packages for the users even as low as $25, making sure that it is made accessible to everyone who has interest.

Whichever subscription plan chosen by a user, they are able to lock it into the system for any lock-in period of their choice. Earn Crypto equally has different time duration for the users to select their best packs, after which their earned crypto reward is added to the user giving them the liberty to withdraw their funds anytime they want, of course after the end of the lock-in period.

Earn Crypto Has different features such as improved security, multiple trading packages, increased interest rate, flexible lock-in period and guaranteed crypto withdrawals.


Brexily exchange has not just made the trade of cryptocurrency to be easier for the users but has added more value to the lives of many through the Earn Crypto system, and has also made the spending of different digital assets possible with the help of BrexCo.

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