ChainPay: The First Ever Fully Decentralized Digital Payment Solution

Looking at how rapid the entire world is going digital, it is just normal that every system moves with it, so as to enjoy the benefits it offers.

For this reason, different systems are moving their operations digital in order to improve their operations and the quality of services it delivers to its users, and the payment system is not an exemption to this. Considering how inefficient the different payment systems have proven to be, digital payment has become the order of the day, because of how efficient it is, as compared to the traditional payment system.

For the global masses to easen into the digital payment system and ravish upon its benefits, a reliable digital payment solution is very vital, hence the creation of ChainPay.

An Overview Of ChainPay

ChainPay is a fully decentralized digital payment solution, which allows its users carry out digital payments, in an efficient and reliable manner.

ChainPay is considered to be not only very reliable, but the largest payment system in the digital space, which means that its users are able to carry out payment operations with cryptocurrency, without any form of restriction.

ChainPay, a system built on the blockchain, now makes it possible for crypto payments to be carried out in just a twinkle of an eye, as it processes transactions in a matter of seconds, reducing the wait time for its users and as well facilitate the efficient storage of these cryptocurrencies.

Unique Functionalities Of ChainPay

To facilitate the full accessibility of the ChainPay, and allow the global masses make seamless digital payments with their digital currencies, ChainPay has created an efficient mobile application with blockchain support.

For the efficient and secured storage, as well as management of cryptocurrencies, ChainPay has also provided the ChainPay Wallet, as a cold and hot wallet, so as to ensure that the need of every user is met.

With its global store, it will be easier for the users of ChainPay to get their needed products and services, and effect payment seamlessly, with their cryptocurrencies.

ChainPay Lists On Brexily

The native token of the ChainPay digital payment system which has the ticker, CPAY, will be listed on Brexily exchange in this month of February, 2020.

CPAY will be listed on Brexily with the CPAY/USDT trading pair, which will allow users to purchase CPAY with USDT or sell their CPAY for USDT, right on the exchange.

The trading of CPAY against the USDT trading pair on one of the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange, Brexily, will take place this February, with its deposit and withdrawal still on this month.

What This Listing Means For Users Of Both System

By listing the CPAY on Brexily exchange, its users will enjoy a great cryptocurrency trading experience with more access to wealth, as they will be able to conveniently trade the CPAY, making great returns from it.

The users of the ChainPay will also be able to purchase as much CPAY as they want to carry out payment for operations on the system, making the entire payment operation very easy for users.

In Summary

Brexily exchange possess all the necessary features required to facilitate the trade of CPAY and any other cryptocurrency listed on it. With its great speed, security and reliability, the trade of CPAY will not only be efficient, but beneficial.



Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain for real-life solutions. |

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Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain for real-life solutions. |