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Bitcoin's price surge, breaking its record highs in recent times hasn’t gone unnoticed. Frankly, it has increased the craze for digital currencies, and this is great for the Altcoins and DeFi.

Though Satoshi's brainchild takes the cake as the most sought-after cryptocurrency. Altcoins represent where the value is. Like an underdog highly underrated and ignored. Altcoins are the ideal choice for anyone looking to make a profits. Fortunately, you can make your pick of the most profitable Altcoins. Thanks to the latest listings on our exchange at Brexily.

The DeFi craze isn’t dead, it’s just ebbing. And a little gasoline, like the recent bitcoin price spikes, might be all that’s needed to rekindle the old flame.

With Altcoins season around the corner, here are tokens worth keeping an eye on our exchange

Uniswap (UNI)

The DEX platform, Uniswap is one of the outcomes of the DeFi boom. It has a native token, UNI, which is currently tradable on our exchange.

Here, at Brexily, the UNI token's trading pairs are UNI/BTC, UNI/ETH, UNI/LTC, UNI/USDT, and UNI/EVR. This offers a leeway at exchanging UNI for specific cryptocurrencies without several interconversions.

Celsius (CEL)

This is another DeFi platform that’s on the rise. Celsius focuses on providing cryptocurrency loans to those in need of such. Its native token is the CEL.

Trading CEL is possible on our exchange. And you have trading pairs, like CEL/ETH, CEL/LTC, CEL/USDT, CEL/EVR, and CEL/BTC to make trading easier.

Synthetix Network Token (SNX)

DeFi took the crypto space by storm in recent years, and Synthetix is one of the many surprises. The Synthetix platform attempts to provide access to all the decentralized finance derivatives, acting as a one-stop-shop for DeFi enthusiasts. It’s powered by its native token, SNX.

For those looking to trade the SNX, you can take advantage of the many trading pairs available on our Brexily exchange, such as SNX/ETH, SNX/BTC, SNX/EVR, SNX/LTC, and SNX/USDT. (YFI)

It’s perhaps one of the most profitable DeFi platforms for those who got involved early. got so many interested in DeFi, resulting in several duplicates springing up.

On, users stake specific cryptocurrencies to reap dividends based on their input. YFI is the native token of the platform.

On our exchange, you can trade YFI using any of the many trading pairs, like YFI/BTC, YFI/ETH, YFI/EVR, YFI/LTC, and YFI/USDT.

Graph Token (GRT)

Graph is a decentralized protocol that keeps a tab of the activities on the different crypto networks, from the blockchain network to its ethereum counterpart. The protocol is powered by the GRT token.

Traders can fill their bags with the GRT through the trading pairs on our exchange, like GRT/BTC, GRT/ETH, GRT/LTC, GRT/USDT, and GRT/EVR.

SushiSwap Token (SUSHI)

Being a food token, Sushiswap saw its reputation take a beating due to claims of a possible exit scam. But the decentralized ecosystem weathered the storm as it continues to provide users the opportunity to swap their crypto assets for other tokens. The Sushi token is the native token of the Sushiswap platform.

At Brexily, we are one of the few CEX that allows you to trade Sushi tokens in multiple trading pairs, like Sushi/BTC, Sushi/ETH, Sushi/EVR, Sushi/LTC, and Sushi/USDT.

Ocean Token (OCEAN)

Ocean protocol revolves around data. Users can sell or buy data using the Ocean token.

You can trade the Ocean token on our exchange through any of the available trading pairs, like Ocean/BTC, Ocean/LTC, Ocean/ETH, Ocean/EVR, and Ocean/USDT.

Band Protocol Token (BAND)

Band protocol provides smart contracts in the different networks updated with real-time figures, reducing the likelihood of undesired errors. Band Token is the currency used on the protocol.

You can buy or sell Band tokens on our exchange using any of its trading pairs, including Band/BTC, Band/ETH, Band/EVR, Band/LTC, and Band/USDT.

Balancer (BAL)

This is one unique platform that allows users to swap tokens, create pools, or add liquidity to an asset pool. It’s a complicated DeFi setup that uses the BAL as its medium of exchange.

Few exchange sites, like ours at Brexily allow trades on BAL through multiple trading pairs, like BAL/BTC, BAL/LTC, BAL/ETH, BAL/EVR, and BAL/USDT.

Aragon Network Token

To help businesses, startups and investors circumvent the legal tussles in the digital world, Aragon was created as a decentralized platform that allows different entities to transact. Users will need to deploy the Aragon Network Token (ANT) for transactions.

If you’re looking to trade ANT, then you might leverage the opportunities available on our exchange through ANT trading pairs, like ANT/BTC, ANT/ETH, ANT/EVR, ANT/LTC, and ANT/USDT.

Numeraire (NMR)

Predicting market movement is what Numeraire tries to do using incentives as bait. Transactions on the platform are handled using its native token, NMR as the digital fuel.

Traders can get involved on our exchange, using several trading pairs, like NMR/BTC, NMR/ETH, NMR/EVR, NMR/LTC, and NMR/USDT.

Swipe (SXP)

This is an ecosystem that allows users to conduct transactions using cryptocurrencies. To complete transactions on Swipe, users will have to pay fees in Swipe token (SXP).

Here at Brexily exchange, we have recently included SXP trading pairs such as SXP/BTC, SXP/ETH, SXP/EVR, SXP/LTC, and SXP/USDT. This is bound to benefit those looking to exchange their crypto assets for SXP tokens.

Serum (SRM)

This is another decentralized exchange that deploys permissionless listing, and it is based on the Solana network. The DEX accrues fees in SRM tokens.

For those unaware, SRM is one of the many Altcoin listed on our exchange. And you have different trading pairs, including SRM/BTC, SRM/ETH, SRM/EVR, SRM/LTC, and SRM/USDT.

Power Ledger (POWR)

With the growing rave about renewable energy sources, Power Ledger is one platform that helps users purchase green energy using cryptocurrency. The medium of exchange on Power Ledger is the POWR token.

On, we have made it possible for traders to exchange their crypto assets for POWR tokens using the trading pairs like POWR/BTC, POWR/ETH, POWR/LTC, POWR/EVR, and POWR/USDT.

Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox intends to offer gamers/developers the opportunity to build games and get their dues for their efforts. The medium of exchange on Sandbox is the SAND token.

SAND is the latest altcoin addition to our exchange. You can trade the token using any of the trading pairs: SAND/BTC, SAND/ETH, SAND/EVR, SAND/LTC, and SAND/USDT.


Altcoin and DeFi season await... These are some DeFi tokens worth trading on Brexily exchange. Now is the time to pile up these DeFi tokens in preparation for the next bull-run. At Brexily exchange, we can make the trading process quite easy, with a vast array of altcoins and distinct trading pairs. You can check out the latest listings on Brexily right away through the official websites.

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