Earn Crypto And Make Payments With Everus (EVR) Token

Everus Technologies has minted the Everus Token to serve as their native cryptocurrency across its different systems.

This token created by Everus was given the ticker EVR, created right on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token to ensure that it functions effectively wherever it is employed as a means of transacting.

The EVR token was developed due to the fact that a unique cryptocurrency is needed by any system in the digital space to thrive in their operations, especially one which has to do with financial activities.

The EVR token as created by Everus Technologies has different use cases as it could be used to carry out different operations both on the Everus system and every other product developed within the Everus ecosystem.

Aside from the fact that Everus token facilitates transactions on the Everus system, it also plays a great role on one of its products called Brexily exchange.

On this exchange, users are free to carry out their trading activities and then make payment for listing, transaction fees and more, with the EVR token as they can get up to 50% on their trading fees on the exchange.

BrexCo crypto payment gateway is a system developed based on the earlier mentioned Brexily exchange of the Everus, and it serves as a marketplace where users can pay for the services they received and products bought, with cryptocurrencies.

The EVR token is also adopted on BrexCo in making payment for different items, to the merchants on the system, making the use of cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives to be easy.

The great thing about making payments on BrexCo with the EVR token is that the user gets about 8% discounts on the purchased item or services, when they pay with the system’s native token instead of other cryptocurrencies.

EVR holders can also get up to 50% trading fees discount using EVR to trade on the exchange.

Earn Crypto system is another avenue where the EVR token could be used to get more benefits.

Earn Crypto was developed to give users unrestricted access to wealth by making it easy to make money through cryptocurrencies even while sitting at home.

This system allows the users to earn passive income of about 36% dividend per year, simply from locking in their cryptocurrencies on the system for a specified period.

Users who lock in the regular cryptocurrencies on the Earn Crypto system are rewarded based on the package they choose with the regular staking reward due to their package and lock-in period, but locking in the EVR native token on the system gets the user more reward than the usual, seeing as it is calculated at a higher interest rate than the regular cryptocurrencies.

EVR investors in Earn Crypto get a higher interest rates etc.

There are so many other benefits of investing in EVR token especially while using the Brexily exchange, BrexCo and Earn Crypto.

The EVR token is listed on a number of exchanges so as to make the token accessible to more people and to give traders an opportunity to profit from trading such a unique token.

One of the exchanges where EVR token is listed is the Brexily exchange, against the BTC, ETH and USDT trading pairs.

Users can also trade the EVR token on Vindax exchange, as it is listed against the BTC, ETH, USDT and VD trading pairs, giving traders the choice of which pair to use.

IndoEx.io has also listed EVR, to be traded against the BTC, ETH and USDT pairs with ease.

EVR token is also tradeable on Crex24.com, where it has EVR/BTC, EVR/ETH pairs, for the benefits of the users.

The benefits of carrying out transactions with the EVR token is unending as it has different profits to give users on the different systems making up the Everus ecosystem. With EVR, cryptocurrency transactions are not just made easily but are also made more profitable to the users.

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