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November 25, 2019

Developments in technology over the past decade have had a major impact on the way people access, store and transfer funds. According to Worldpay’s 2018 Global Payment Report, the number of digital wallet users is set to rise 5% each year until 2022.

Launched in October 2017 along with the EVR cryptocurrency token, Everus Wallet provides users with the core component for accessing the key features and financial solutions available inside the Everus World Ecosystem.

Over the years, this revolutionizes multi-crypto wallet has been constantly developing to include new innovative features designed to meet the demands of today’s mobile-centric user experience.

Currently accepting over 100 supported cryptocurrency, the Everus Wallet app is packed with unique features developed exclusively for the user’s convenience. Those features are:

Usability Features


An A.I trading bot that generates daily earnings in Bitcoin without the users having to do anything. “How is PSIGEN different from other trading bots?” PSIGEN is integrated within one app; enabling users to benefit from PSIGEN while enjoying other Everus Wallet app features.


A unique feature offering users the opportunity to win premium prizes from exclusive brands such as Apple, Samsung and more. With up to 5 available cryptocurrencies, users are able to redeem lucky draw tickets with their preferred cryptocurrency. Although limited tickets are made available, users are able to redeem as many sets of tickets as pleased to multiply the chance at winning.


EVR+ provides users with an alternative form of investment; generating a long term passive income. Users are able to receive monthly dividend earnings of up to 18 months with a high-interest rate. An added benefit of EVR+ is that it provides earnings in Bitcoin which carries the highest value in the market making EVR+ the wise platform to invest in.

Favorite wallet address feature

Each Everus wallet users have their own unique wallet address in the form of algorithms. This is a significant approach to safety precaution. Recently available for faster and easier funds transfer, the favorite wallet address feature enables the users to complete their transactions instantly.

QR code scanner

Integrated within the app for faster and easier payment, users are able to scan the receiver’s QR code with the QR code scanner in the wallet and it will immediately direct the user to the receiver’s wallet address.

Market analysis feature

Available exclusively for Everus Wallet users, keeping track of cryptocurrency value is made easier with the market analysis feature; available on the Homepage of Everus Wallet.

Security features

Facial recognition and fingerprint authentication feature

In addition to safety precautions, users are able to benefit from these security features with faster and easier login.

Google authenticator feature

A 2-step verification security feature is made available for the users to have that extra cushion of security. Users simply need to type in the code that has been sent via email or text upon log in to authenticate the users.

What’s next for the Everus Wallet app? Everus is constantly developing new improvements for its rapid growing Everus wallet users. Determined to expand the Everus ecosystem; Everus is excited to integrate the Everus wallet app with other Everus platforms enabling faster and easier everyday tasks.




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