EVR’s Migration To The TRON Network

The emergence of blockchain has indeed led to various technological advancements in the digital system, opening up unforeseen benefits to every system which adopts it in their operation, as the quality of services they render improves greatly and the users get to benefit from these.

Being that there are various blockchain in the industry today, and the rapid growth of blockchain systems, there is need for a more scalable network to make use of the so as to give the best to users, and the very reputable Brexily Exchange is not an exemption to this.

EVR Migrates To The Tron Network

The native token of the Everus and other products in the ecosystem will be migrated to Tron Network, in order to ensure better efficiency during transactions.

EVR token which is used across different platforms such as Brexily Exchange, Earn Crypto and Brexco Payment gateway, all of which constitutes the Everus ecosystem was previously built on the Ethereum blockchain, as an ERC-20 standard token.

Everus has resolved to migrate the EVR token from an ERC-20 based token on the Ethereum Network, to a TRC-20 token, on the Tron Network this February, 2021, to enable for a better performance of the token in general, and make its use more beneficial.

Advantages Of Tron Network Over Ethereum Network?

Tron Network has been seen to have some major advantages over Ethereum Network, some of these includes...

  • A Great Reduction In Transaction Cost

Due to the design of the Tron Network and the fact that fees are calculated based on bandwidth and energy of the transaction, the cost of processing on the Tron is far lower than on Ethereum.

On Tron, the users are charged almost zero-fee as gas and for performing different transactions, which is obviously the main reason why a lot of systems are adopting it.

  • Incredible Speed Of Transactions

Another important plus of Tron over Ethereum is its incredible speed of processing transactions on its system. Users who wish to carry out transactions on the system are able to do so in a very short time, as its speed of processing is really high to about 25,000 transactions per seconds, just to ensure that the needs of users are met.

All these and many more are the benefits which Tron Network holds over the Ethereum Network.

Brexily Exchange Incorporates Tron Network Into Its Framework

Looking at all the advantages of Tron Network when compared to Ethereum Network, and in addition to the migration of the EVR token to the Tron Network, Brexily Exchange is also planning on integrating the Tron Network into its system, in this same month of February, 2021, to give the exchange more edge over other cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is indeed great news for every user of Brexily, either as a crypto trader or as a regular user, because this will greatly improve the performance of the exchange.

How This Benefits The Users

  • Reducing the cost of transactions is one of the many ways the integration of Tron Network into the Brexily Exchange will improve the system, as the users will no longer have to pay much while carrying out one financial activity or another, on the exchange.
  • By reducing the cost of transactions on its system with the help of the Tron Network, Brexily Exchange will now release more profits to the users, seeing as they do not have to spend a greater part of their profit on transaction fees, which is exactly what was often experienced on the Ethereum Network.
  • A great increase in the speed of transactions will be another upside of this incorporation, as the Tron Network has obviously proven to be faster and more reliable than other Blockchain, thereby reducing the time a user has to wait for his transaction to be processed.
  • Great crypto trading experience will be generally enjoyed by Brexily users, as the integration of Tron Network removes completely all the barriers to trade such as speed of operations and cost of transaction previously experienced by the users.

Immediately the Tron Network is integrated into the Brexily Exchange, the exchange will automatically list the TRC-20 based USDT in its system, to allow users trade and make seamless transactions with this asset.

Brexily will also list officially, its first TRC-20 based token called ChainPay, on the exchange after the integration, so as to make it possible for the users of ChainPay to buy and sell the token right on the exchange, and as well allow traders on Brexily to trade the asset and make great returns.

In Summary,

Both the holders of the EVR token and traders on the Brexily exchange are in for a great experience through this migration and integration of Tron Network into the system. Every barrier to crypto trading will be eliminated completely on the exchange, in turn making the Brexily Exchange more reliable and profitable to its users.



Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain for real-life solutions. | https://everusworld.com

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Everus World

Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain for real-life solutions. | https://everusworld.com